Please see below for the answers to the questions we are most commonly asked about the club and archery.

Can I come down and have-a-go?
Yes! We run two have-a-go days each year, one in May and one in August. Please see our have-a-go page for more information!
How about arranging a private have-a-go as a corporate event?
Out of hours events (Evenings or Weekends) can be arranged. Please drop us an email to discuss. All events will be held at the Braywick Sports Ground. If the weather is against us on the day, no charge will be made.
Can you come along to our School and hold an event in the afternoon?
We would love to be able to do this, but unfortunately we are a small club and all of us work during the day so we are unable to do this. Additionally, we are unable to take our equipment with us. Targets are very heavy and we are not able to transport them.
If I miss a lesson, can I make it up later?
The course runs for six weeks. The only time we extend the course is due to bad weather. If you have missed more than two lessons, we will discuss your options with you in order to pass the course.
Ok, I’ve passed the course, what do I do now?
Join a club! You don’t have to join us, although you would be more than welcome to do so. Once you join, you will still have the use of all the equipment you have used on the beginners course. We will also assist and encourage you to take your skills further.
And what equipment should I buy?
After passing the course, we recommend that you DON’T rush out and buy an expensive bow. This would be like buying a Ferrari the day after you passed your driving test! You still need to refine your technique. Your draw length and posture will inevitably change with practice. We will discuss with you when you’re ready, what equipment to buy. If you would like, an experienced archer can also accompany you to the shop. Having said that, you may like to purchase the sundry items such as quiver, arm guard, tab, bow sling, bow stand etc. early on. These are items that would not need to change throughout your archery career.
How old do you have to be to join Maidenhead Archers as a member?
There is no minimum (or maximum!) age, but you must have previously completed a beginners course at any club or already be a member of another club that is Archery GB affiliated. We would invite you along to shoot with us before inviting you to join the club. Please remember that all juniors must be accompanied by a parent or guardian at all times. Please see our Beginners’ Course page for details if you have not yet completed a course, or if you have, please use the Contact Us page to get in touch.
Can I join Maidenhead Archers without taking a course?
We have to ensure that everyone shooting has met a minimum level of skill and understands / applies the principles of safe shooting. Because of this, we can’t invite anyone to join who has not either previously completed a course or has not shot for another club. We ask all membership applicants to shoot with us before inviting them to join. This also gives them the opportunity to make sure they like us!
It’s winter time, its cold dark and wet outside, where can I shoot?
During winter, we shoot on Wednesday and Friday evenings in Eton Wick sports hall, and, of course, we still shoot outside on Sunday afternoons.