Wand Shoot 31st March 2019

As suggested at the AGM, we’ve added a couple of Wand shoots to this year’s calendar and today was the first of those.

11 archers entered including a few for the first time. The sighters weren’t great for most but Mary Fisher’s managed to hit the wand, unfortunately no score for that in the sighters.

The first few ends proved no better although we were all getting closer. In the 4th end John Harvey managed to get one in the ring and score a point – finally the scorer was troubled.

He could soon go back to sleep though as we all tried in vain to score, peppering the nearby ground but to no avail.

John retired after the 6th end, hoping to hang on for the win. it looked like he would as we entered the final 8th end. Then someone heard a hit but who was it? Ian Turner and Dave Redding were candidates but we had a long wait. When we got to the target, in fact the arrow in the wand we had seen was Barry Coney’s! In addition, Ian Turner had slotted one in right at the base.

An excellent end to the event, final scores,

Archer Wands Rings Position
Barry Coney 1 0 =1
Ian Turner 1 0 =1
John Harvey 0 1 3

Please join us for the next event later in the year. We’re also hoping to possibly add a clout shoot you in if we can


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